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What is a root canal? Why would I need one?

A root canal is a procedure that we need to perform to treat an infected or abscessed tooth to save it from extraction. Contrary to what you think you know, a gentle root canal performed by a skilled Hamilton, NJ dentist like Dr. Van Natta is comfortable and stress-free.

An infection develops when bacteria enter the innermost part of your tooth called the pulp chamber and is often accompanied by swelling, pain, and sensitivity. This can occur due to previous dental work, advanced tooth decay, or traumatic injury to the tooth. 

Just like an infection in any other part of your body, Dr. Van Natta needs to treat an infected tooth, and the solution is a root canal. The first step is an x-ray to determine the location and extent of the infection. We need to clear out all the infected pulp from inside your tooth, fill the hollowed-out space, and place a temporary filling on the tooth.

Dr. Van Natta will prescribe antibiotics if needed and leave the tooth to heal for about two weeks. In many cases, she will recommend placing a dental crown on the tooth to protect it and allow you to use the tooth.

If you have a toothache, it may be a root canal infection. Call our Hamilton, NJ dental office to schedule an appointment so we can provide the relief you need.

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