Digital X-Rays

Dental x-rays are the most valuable tool we have for finding and diagnosing conditions long before they cause you any discomfort. 

Visual exams at Gentle Hands Dental Care are critical, but they don’t tell us the complete story. Many dental conditions begin inside your teeth or under your gums, where we can't see them. We use digital x-rays at because they allow Dr. Van Natta to find these problems when they are small and relatively easy to fix.

State-of-the-Art Digital X-Rays

Our patients are understandably concerned about radiation exposure with dental x-rays. We want you to know that your safety is one of our highest priorities. So, we have invested in digital x-rays is because they minimize exposure by about 80 percent compared to traditional film x-rays.

Taking digital images is comfortable because instead of a large clip in your mouth, we use flat digital sensors with rounded edges that make the process far more convenient and efficient. 

Panoramic Digital X-Rays

In some cases, it’s helpful to see your entire mouth in a single image, which is where our panoramic x-rays come in. You stand still in front of the x-ray machine, and the arm does a complete rotation around your head. The result is an image that shows your entire mouth, including your upper and lower jaws and surrounding structures.

Diagnosing Dental Problems

Some of the ways we use digital x-rays are to: 

  • Detect decay between your teeth 
  • Find decay underneath an existing filling
  • Identify bone loss related to gum disease
  • Reveal a root canal infection in its early stages

If we need to take an x-ray, we will explain why it is necessary and what we hope to learn. Dr. Van Natta determines the frequency of x-rays based on your current condition as well as your dental and medical history. Patients with good oral health may only need x-rays every couple of years, while those with ongoing problems may require them more frequently.

Learning about Your Oral Health

Digital x-rays are also an invaluable educational tool. Within moments of taking the x-ray, we can share the image with you on a chairside monitor. Since the image is digital, we can manipulate it to make it larger or smaller or zoom in on problem areas.

It can be very satisfying to play an active role in your dental treatment planning. You’ll see the problem for yourself, and Dr. Van Natta will explain how the treatment will benefit you. We’ll provide the information you need so that when you make a decision, you’ll feel confident that it’s the right one for you.

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At Gentle Hands Dental Care, we stay current with emerging techniques and technology to offer you the most up-to-date dental care available. If you would like to visit our Hamilton dental office or learn more about how we use technology to benefit you, please call!